DOOM Dual Action Fogger Insecticide spray kills large infestation of insects on contact. It can be used throughout your home, and works by filling large areas with fine fog of insecticide, penetrating small cracks and crevices.

This product is ideal for:

  • Indoors
  • Kills multiple insects, flying, or crawling on contact
  • Water-based formula
  • Penetrates small cracks and crevices
  • Use only as directed
  • Place DOOM Fogger in an open area leading into the room (passage) and keep all doors open
  • Select a time when your home may be left isolated for up to three hours or more
  • Close all windows and doors, and open cupboards and cabinets to allow full penetration
  • Use paper to cover asphalt tile, wooden floors, and furniture
Active ingredients: D-Tetramethrin (Pyrethroid) 1.5g/kg, Cyphenothrin (Pyrethroid) 3g/kg, Pyriproxyfen (Larvicide) 0.15g/kg. Registration Number: L7318, Act 36 of 1947.
  • Store in cool, dry place
  • Keep out of reach of children, uninformed persons, and animals
  • Avoid contamination of drinks and food
  • May cause irritation of the skin, eyes, mucous membranes and cause skin sensitisation
  • Contents flammable and under pressure
  • Do not smoke while activating the DOOM Fogger, or until area has been fully ventilated
  • Do not spray near open flames, or directly onto electrical equipment
  • Do not leave on hot surfaces, e.g. stoves, radiators or in direct sunlight
  • Temperatures higher than 50o C may cause the container to burst
  • Do not puncture or incinerate the can
  • Product is highly flammable; extinguish all flames or electronics before use
  • Do not temper with the container
  • Do not use more than one can of DOOM


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